Olsen Animal Trust

The OAT Mission

OAT is a family trust established to end animal cruelty and exploitation by supporting organisations and initiatives concerned with animal welfare and conservation. The trust seeks partners and projects that are aligned with their vision and are achieving positive outcomes on the ground. This embodies the values of the Olsen family, inspired by their love of all animals.  

Why OAT Started

"I have always had a passion for animal welfare. My vision for OAT was inspired by my involvement in the rescue of a French circus lion, Simba. After nine years of exploitation, Born Free came to the rescue and facilitated Simba’s return to Africa and I was fortunate enough to accompany him and the Born Free rescue team on his journey. Sadly, like all institutionalised animals, he will never be able to return to the wild. However, Simba lived happily and in good care at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi, together with his life-long companion, Bella, a lioness rescued from a Romanian zoo, some six years prior. Sadly both lions have since left us but at least they were shown compassion and respect in their final years. 


nominated by Charmaine Du Plessis Sievers

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