Animal Art Tutorials

A big thankyou to the following artists for sharing their expertise on the following videos. 


1. Joanne Boon Thomas

am an experienced artist and tutor, with a life-long love of painting and drawing and a passion for nurturing those skills in others. I derive immense pleasure from helping others to discover the endless joys (and occasional frustrations) of painting, and to progress, whether they taking their first tentative steps or are seeking to develop their technique and style. I conduct demonstrations and run workshops (in watercolour) and also tutor painting holidays both abroad and in the UK.

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2 Ines Goger.

I'm a self taught artist living in Slovenia. I have created this channel to share my ideas and show other people how I paint in Acrylic, Watercolor and how I make jewelry from polymer clay. I always wanted to draw and create jewelry. In 2014 I've first started working with polymer clay. At the beginning I just made earrings and donated them on occasions. Since then I lerned different techniques. I now make quality unique handmade jewelry and paintings. Welcome to Unique jewelry IG - Handmade with love.

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