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Here is the directory for the registered artist members of ArtLovesAnimals. We cover all aspects of animal inspired art so please click through and read more about the artist and the work they produce.   
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Auld Scotia Cottage Crafts - Bespoke Jewellery
As the saying goes... when one door closes another opens! Life threw a curve ball and I found myself disabled and having to re-evaluate my working life, no longer could I sit in front of a computer screen all day.My creative side has been allowed to flourish and the grit being my limitations and disability has grown into a lovely pearl that is Auld Scotia Cottage Crafts..... continue reading

Maria Abeyesekere - Hyperrealist Artist

Maria Abeyesekere has been a Hyperrealist Artist for over 20 years.  As a self taught artist, she has developed her skills and style with oils, acrylics and pencils over the years becoming a professional in lifelike art. She lives with her husband and son in the central highlands of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)..... continue reading 


Jah Warria - Wildlife Artist
Irvine Kamudyariwa, popularly known as Jah Warria is a young Zimbabwean fine artist who is a specialist in Pencil drawing, specifically wildlife portraits. His art is centered on wildlife; he himself is a wildlife conservationist who is passionate about bundu life and animals..... continue reading
Hi my name is Vicki and I trade as At the patch creations. I have always been creative and being surrounded by a family of craftspeople has nurtured my love of Handmade.......continue reading
Janice Rowlands - Ceramic Artist
Hi, I make ceramic animals, almost exclusively cats. I set myself the challenge to learn how to sculpt cats about 18 moths ago, and am still learning. I have 3 cats who are my main models....... continue reading
Sutherland Feather Art - Feather Artist

I've been looking into why I do the art that I do! A big revelation for me! So, how do I put it into words, so it doesn't sound like I'm crazy! I paint on feathers and put them in vintage bottles. I've had some major loses in my life. I'm not saying I'm the only one who has, but these are things that I've realised are in my art work and where the relevance of the feather comes from.......continue reading  


Felted Memories by Dee - Textile Artist
Hi, my name is Dee & I’m a fibre artist specialising in dog portraits. Each portrait is unique, a one off and totally bespoke. I’ve enjoyed various styles of art over the years but my true passion lies here......continue reading
Doulla Aebli- Animal Sculpture
I make ceramic sculptures from my home studio in Wellington, Somerset. It all started in 2002, already in my forties, when I attended weekly pottery courses at the Somerset College of Art and Technology. I loved handbuilding with clay and was quickly hooked............... continue reading
Hayley Trampenau - Mixed Media

I now live in Stevenage Old Town with my photographer husband and our 4 dogs. When not working our favourite way to spend time is walking with the dogs in the countryside or on the Norfolk coast. Now I paint in Acrylic on canvas along with illustrating using pen, ink and water colour..... continue reading


Arthur Alivis - Metal Work Artist 
Hi, my name is Arthur Alvis, I was lucky enough to be born in the heart of the English countryside, on a farm, on the northern edge of the Cotswolds in the mid 60s.I grew up loving the natural world, fascinated by animals an birds and very much rooted in country life. At school I developed a love of art and design working in oils and watercolour, eventually going on to do a media studies course.....continue reading 
 Cally Smith - Mixed Media Artist
I am a self taught artist and tassel maker living in rural Aberdeenshire. I sell fine art prints and originals, greeting cards and unique individually hand painted gifts.  I am currently accepting pet portrait commissions. I adore wildlife, animals and the natural environment.......continue reading

Judit Matthews - Illustrative artist

My name is Judit Matthews ( Judit Sandor). I was born in Szeged, in Hungary in 1975. After leaving school I came to England as an au-pair in my gap year in 1994. I met Jim, who is now my husband. We have two children Harry and Emma.I am an illustrative artist working in my studio in Banstead. My subject matter ranges from quirky illustrated maps to abstract landscapes with lots of little creatures, animals and figures....... continue reading


Kimmy Priggen - Mixed Media Artist
Capturing that all important ‘twinkle in the eye’ is what makes my art so popular. I have always had a passion for painting, particularly animals for my own pleasure and I’ve found that people really appreciate the way I focus on capturing the animal’s personality and character and really ‘bring them to life’.......... continue reading
Lucia Lovatt - Mixed Media Artist
My name is Lucia - I wonder if you've guessed this already from the name of my business. I am a  Chippenham, Wiltshire, based artist, who specialises in painting animals and people. I guess it's also important to say that I am a mum of 3 rather crazy beautiful children and I have a handsome handsome husband.......continue reading
Petra Verlooij - Mixed Media Artist
 Petra Verlooij attended the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, where she later became an art teacher. Since 1990 she focuses on painting animals and wildlife. "The combination of realism and abstraction is every time a big challenge to me. I like the experiment with different materials fluid acrylic paint, ink , spray paint .........continue reading

Jacki Edmonds - Pastel Artist

Jacki is a pastel artist working in Gloucester creating beautiful paintings of wildlife & pet portraits. Endangered species are close to her heart & she donates artwork to charities like "Sketch for Survival", "Save the elephant" & many more. Her style is realism so her commissions are very life like. Attention to detail is paramount in her work.......continue reading


Helen Allen - Mixed Media Artist 
I am a self taught artist living in beautiful Wiltshire. Sadly I feel many animals have a raw deal and for some time I am focussing on helping them through my artwork. I started taking my artwork to a local RSPCA charity shop.......continue reading

Renêe Hut - Textile Artist
16 years ago we sold our house, bought a van and a caravan and left Holland. We’ve settled in the campo of Cartagena, Spain where we live very basically. We are very much into nature. Together with a few friends we run a small charity that rescues and rehomes abandoned and abused animals......continue reading
Annette Ryder - Mixed Media Artist 

I have always loved colour and as a child always chose the brightest colours in the crayon box. I still do that now from time to time and love it just as much. I came to actually study Art and Design as a mature student and since then my work has continually evolved...... continue reading


Dan Rust -Mosaic Glass Artist 

Dan Rust has been a mosaic artist for over 15 years, working on all kinds of commissions and enjoying teaching mosaics to guests at Tara Casa, an art centre in Murcia, Spain. Dan has always had an interest in art since he was young and perused art through college and in his spare time........continue reading  


Viv Flint - Mixed Media Artist 
I´m an amateur artist who only discovered I could draw a few years ago. Since then my passion has grown and I love to be able to draw and paint animals. Animals are my other passion since I was a tiny child...........continue reading
Alex Veldhuizen - Mixed Media Artist 
I'm Alex, I'm a Dutch 20 year old self taught artist living in Spain with my family. My family and i run a non profit animal sanctuary and i sell my art to raise more donations for our animals. I mainly use watercolours and i mainly paint animals and nature..............continue reading
SallyAnn - Mixed Media Artist

Hello, I am Sally.  I have been drawing and sketching all of my life and here you can view different pages and different products, from prints to homeware, books to textile art. I hope you enjoy visiting this site; feedback is always appreciated which will help me improve your experience here. Trained as a Textile Designer, I have always been fascinated by pattern and structure........... continue reading

Helen Ray - Textile & Mixed Media Artist

Hello, I'm Helen of Handmade Hares and my home is in a small rural town in North Dorset. I work in both textiles and paint with the majority of my work being influenced by the countryside around me - albeit in a whimsical way........ continue reading

Lesley Hall - Textile Artist

Thread painting is the art of painting in thread on my sewing machine freestyle to create the picture. All my stitch art is unique and is either from a photograph I took or just from my imagination. I also love painting in acrylics , mostly abstract.....continue reading