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I´m an amateur artist who only discovered I could draw a few years ago. Since then my passion has grown and I love to be able to draw and paint animals. Animals are my other passion since I was a tiny child. I have practised every day for 2 years and have had a number of successful commissions. I count myself very lucky and blessed I can do something I love although its hard to make a living through art. 

As I have improved I now feel proud I can help charities involved in rescue & animal conservation through donations from my work. As a pilates & yoga teacher running retreats for the last 15 years – now retired due to ill health plus Covid 19, I am grateful to be able to do something meaningful to me. 

Along with my partner, Dan Rust, a mosaic artist, my life has taken an exciting turn, I believe the universe provides us with belief. 



Artist Profile -Viv in the studio


My chosen Animal Organisation is 


Jenny and Jimmy Desmondare the founders of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection (LCRP) in West Africa and its affiliate 501c3 in the United States, Partners in Animal Protection and Conservation (PAPC). Along with their team, Jenny and Jimmy work to improve the lives of chimpanzees, both wild and orphaned, in Liberia.