Animals in Art - no.1

Posted by dan rust on 12th Mar 2021

Animals in Art - no.1

Animals in Art - Art featuring animals, feel free to join in and post your favourites or suggestions! Henri Rousseau´s jungle scenes were always an inspiration to me

Henri Rousseau - Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo, 1908

Often described as naïve, primitive or savage, the art of Henri Rousseau is arguably one of the most original and uninhibited artistic expressions that emerged after Impressionism.

His amateurish technique and unusual composition were shunned by the art critics of the time, but praised by artists such as Picasso and Kandinsky for “the new possibilities of simplicity”.

Famous for his jungle scenes, his highly personal paintings are imbued with a sense of mystery and eccentricity. A common subject of his work, a tiger is a beast of the mind, just as his jungle is a fantastic imaginary landscape. The tiger is here visualized as the mighty monarch of its world and a fiery embodiment of every savage instinct and energy.