Animal/Wildlife Organisations

  •  International Animal Rescue Fundraiser - March 2021 raised 330GBP, thankyou!
  • Secret World Wildlife Rescue - April 2021 - 300GBP & 100GBP to other animal charities, thankyou! 
  • Broken Biscuits Disabled Dog Charity - May 2021 - 300GBP, thankyou! 


ASRA, Animal Charity Fundraiser - June 2021 Please donate here



A facebook donation page has been set up to ensure transparency each month for the following charities…… We will help promote and raise awareness for each charity and hopefully as much funds as possible. The first month will run over April 2021. Any new charities wishing to sign up will be added to the fundraiser list.


 The donations will come from the following sources -

-         Donations from the general public through the Facebook and social media

- Donations through the Facebook Live Auction Page -

-         Donations through the ArtLovesAnimals Website

-         Charity Art Sale website page -


Click the following links below to see more details of the animal work the nominated charities do and the artists in support of them.

If you are interested in joining ArtLovesAnimals as an animal/wildlife charity or organisation,

please click here to contact us