About Us

ArtLovesAnimals combines both our two main passions, helping animals and making art. For the last 15 years we have run art & wellbeing holidays at our centre in Murcia, Spain. As a mosaic artist I have sold commissions for over 14years and built and run websites for my own businesses and friends/family members. During this time Viv also was the founder and chairman of an animal rescue organisation and has rescued & rehomes hundreds of animals. We also many rescue dogs collected along the way and we continue to foster and help local rescues as much as possible. 

During the pandemic the idea came to marry our two passions and help both independent artists and animals with an online platform, so ArtLovesAnimals was born at the start of 2021. We are committed to making it work for everyone involved and feel free to send us any questions or queries. Thankyou.  






Daniel Rust is an established self-taught mosaic artist for over 14 years, working primarily as artist in residence at Casa Vida in Murcia, Spain and private commissions across Spain & the UK.

"I make my mosaics art because I love the technical processes as much as the artistic beauty of the glass and ceramics. The materials make this art-form maybe as permanent as any other and this inspires me to make the mosaics the best they can be. The other main inspiration is taking clients ideas and transforming them into workable pieces of durable art."

 Vivienne is an amateur artist who only discovered drawing a few years ago. Animals are Viv´s  passion since she was a tiny child. Viv counts herself very lucky and blessed she can do something she loves. 

As I have improved I now feel proud I can help charities involved in rescue & animal conservation through donations from my work. As a pilates & yoga teacher running retreats for the last 15 years – now retired due to ill health plus Covid 19, I am grateful to be able to do something meaningful to me. Along with my partner, Dan Rust, a mosaic artist, my life has taken an exciting turn, I believe the universe provides us with belief."