About Us

Daniel Rust is an established self-taught mosaic artist for over 12 years, working primarily as artist in residence in Spain and private commissions across Spain & the UK.



Artist Statement

I make my mosaics art because I love the technical processes as much as the artistic beauty of the glass and ceramics. The materials make this art-form maybe as permanent as any other and this inspires me to make the mosaics the best they can be. The other main inspiration is taking clients ideas and transforming them into workable pieces of durable art.

Having spent a long period working in Europe, the effect of glass and ceramics to bring light and reflection to a space is an advantage of the materials. However the clarity of the image or lettering is the main aspect of my work and remains true to the more traditional style of Roman mosaic. The design can be simple but the materials and the technique of bordering layers can make the piece intricate and fulfilling.

I love mosaic and working with the materials, the ideas and the processes to create a long lasting permanent artwork for people to enjoy whether subtle, bold, complex or simple in concept.